Unique Ideas For Celebrating Birthday In Mumbai

Every year parents make sure search for new ideas to celebrate her birthday. In birthday we all want to spend the day memorable. If you are tired the idea of celebrating a birthday with the usual manner like going to shopping, invites friends at home, going to the restaurant, going to pub, sweating out at the dance floor and more ideas. Then you defiantly want to go through the below list. Here few ideas to especially spend your birthday day in Mumbai for both kids and adult.

Super 5 Unique birthday ideas for kids in Mumbai

  • Master Chef for birthday party: palate culinary studio conducts best birthday parties for kids. In these parties, kids are involved with do-it-yourself activities. Parent can select different activities to depend upon their budget and child age. A photo session with rolling pins, aprons, bowls, etc. it is totally arranged for the kids attending the party. Many advanced packages include burger, quesadillas, brownies, fondue party, cake pop, pasta, etc.
  • Salon makeover for birthday party: if you see a little angel in your daughter or king in your son then organize for a salon birthday party. In salon birthday party your little one can get manicures, hair dry, nail art, pedicures, hairstyles, etc. it is a fun way to your kid’s bonding with their friends and also they aware about Pedi, mani and nail.
  • Movie screen for birthday party: kids love movie, be it animated or other. If you see your kids have been eagerly looking for next release or big batman film fan, then you can organize for a special movie.
  • Birthday party on open bus: birthday party on open bus is really interesting. Cool breeze, fresh air and more enjoyment on an open bus. And also it gives more thrill to the kid’s minds.
  • Dolphin aquarium visit in irla: if your kids like naturals and animals then this small dolphin aquarium in the centre of the lake outing with his/her friends that make their birthday memorable. There are seating arrangements, a play area and a toy train for the children.


10 unique birthday ideas for grown-ups in Mumbai

  • Sail in style:

    The best way to spend your loved one’s day special is organize birthday party on a boat. Boat party is the best way to excite the people. It is totally different from the usual birthday party.

  • Play it at a casino:

    If you want to arrange a winsome birthday party for your loved one, simply drive to Daman which is nearly 3 hours away from Mumbai.

  • Sparty time:

    Currently spa party are not common party. If you and your friends want to involved in massages beauty treatments, facial, Mani and Pedi then this is the best way to your birthday party.

  • Master Chef Party:

    Master Chef Party gives you and your friends a chance to cook a dish and eat it too. Entertaining a party or create works of art with sprinkles and icing on small crust pastry. Let your foodie family and friends have a time at this food studio. Cost varies depending on your requirement.

  • Bowl over birthday party:

    Sports bars are best for an action-packed birthday party. Bond with your loved person for their party over beer, bowling and lip-smacking some foods. A birthday party can be easily arranged for a group with host, DJ, beer.

  • Freeze in 6 degree:

    Ice Cube lounge in oshiwara is one of the places you want to celebrate chilled out birthday party for your loved ones. You can dine and drink in this ice chamber and beat the heat. The seats, glasses, interiors, almost everything is designed with ice. They collect an entry fee and they provide gloves and jackets to sustain the environment inside the Ice Cube lounge.

  • Celebrating in a tent:

    If your birthday on a weekend then this choice can be interesting for adventure seeking, natural loving souls.

  • Wine tasting party:

    If you want to arrange birthday party home, you can always order a wine package for your friends.

  • Social dining:

    You like eating but not happy dining at a restaurant. You want to taste the different dish from different place like Kashmir, Sikkim, you can order in social dining websites.

  • Food crawl birthday party:

    Organize a food crawl for your family and friends. Local shop also serves best food.

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